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Will The Sony PlayStation VR2 Become Popular And Widely Adopted this Generation?

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I've seen some discussion about how the price tag is really holding back the PlayStation VR2. Bloomberg originally reported that Sony had cut their forecast for PlayStation VR 2 from 2 million to 1 million. Sony has since stated that via gamesindustry.biz that they have not cut production.

One thing that seems likely is that their is obviously some concern floating around the industry about demand for VR2. 

I think price is always a factor but at the end of the day you need games. You need a killer app that people just have to play. And I think that's what's missing for VR right now. 

The headset looks cool but there is nothing I want to play. IF the headset cost $50 I still would not buy it right now because there is no hook for me, other than to say I have the new VR headset.

If Sony gets a killer app then thing will change.

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