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My Hero Academia Chapter 369 Discussion

Herbert Playz

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Deku shows up and is just wrecking shigaraki/all for one. I'm not exactly sure how that partnership is working right now. That being said gearshift is a cheat code for Deku because if I understand how Fa Jin works, it allows Deku to build up kinetic energy pretty quick. Deku is a monster right now. But he's a monster with a 5 minute time limit. He will undoubtedly run out of time and will need to fight one on one without overdrive. That's when the real battle start.

Okay so we see spinner at the end of this and he looks like he's been turned into the incredible hulk! But where's he going? How does his presence affect the battlefield. I'm honestly not sure where his storyline is headed and I feel like we are about to cut away from Deku yet again. If we do this is going to seriously slow down the story. I'm hoping we get some closure on Deku's battle before we start up another major battle at a different location.

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