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One Piece Chapter 1061 Discussion

Herbert Playz

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Okay so once again the crew is split up. I must admit I was looking forward to spending time with the entire crew. Just being able to see them interact with each other is always a treat.

I'm glad to see that we will finally be able to learn more about the one piece world through dr vegapunk. But it also seems like its possible that the Dr. Vegapunk before us is not "the dr. vegapunk" we've been hearing about for so long. This whole time throughout the manga dr. vegapunk has been referred to as a man. And then we have this curious punk 02 on the chest of this female Dr. Vegapunk, which raises some interesting questions. 

Is the person before us some kind of clone of the original dr. vegapunk? Are they Dr. vegapunk's family member, like a daughter? Is Dr. vegapunk a title that is shared and passed down to the most talented scientist of the world government? I believe the most likely explanation is that this could be some kind of android that is being controlled by Dr. Vegapunk from deep within a secure facility on egghead island. This would explain the punk 02 on the chest and the radio antenna over the left ear. It also makes sense that Vegapunk would have androids because we know that he and the world government have developed the seraphims and the pacifistas. So there is a certain track record.

I'm curious to discover if Dr. Vegapunk really has bad intentions or if the good doctor just wanted access to near unlimited resources to continue conducting their experiments. It would also be cool if Vegapunk ate a devil fruit like the smart-smart fruit, making him really smart or the bot-bot fruit which allows him to turn living things into androids or robot like creatures.

On second thought if he was the holder of some type of android making devil fruit that would make a ton of sense. I can't wait to find out.


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