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One Piece 1057 Review

Herbert Playz

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I must admit one piece chapter 1057 was not what I expected. I was extremely disappointed when it was revealed that Yamato wouldn't be joining the crew. Yamato would have fit in perfectly. It feels like an extreme fakout by Oda not to include Yam in the crew and a bit unnecessary.

Also it seems like this chapter serves as an official conclusion to the Wano arc. We saw a lot of flashbacks with Momonosuke. Sometimes its easy to forget that he and Kin'emon have been around for nearly a decade. 

The coolest thing in this chapter for me was Luffy giving his jolly roger to Momonosuke. Now the Straw hats have a lot of territory that's under their protection it makes you wonder if the world government or some other big pirate crew will put their commitment to the test.  

All in all not much happened this chapter so I'm definitely looking forward to the next one. I can't wait to find out what the next adventure will be.


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