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Resident Evil (2022) Season 1 Episode 4 Discussion

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I was expecting the brotherhood to play a huge role moving forward. There was a bit of a set up for the leader like he's supposed to be some kind of religious zealot and then Jade just breaks free and punches him in the face. Afterwards, they just casually escort her out like it was no big deal. Nobody, hits her back they just push her around some that's it. Completely unrealistic!

There were some nice moments between Jade and the umbrella guy. And wow that was a great "one shot" scene with the Umbrella guy that just came out of nowhere. I love how he turns around and was like "Jade did you see that?". That was hilarious.

The idea that Jade finally gets her freedom but decides to go back to get leader of the zeros was an interesting decision that was totally in line with her character so far. Brash, headstrong, resilient, stubborn confident etc. She gets the head and but has to run into a room with no exit.

And then predictably she makes a really bad decision of throwing just one grenade which seemed to be a dud. It seems like it would have been much wiser to stock up on all those grenades and use them one by one as needed.

Umbrella guy turns up out of nowhere and saves Jade and it seemed like Jade kinda just left him hanging. I feel like they could have filmed that better. I honestly don't know what else she could have done but the way the director filmed this episode by showing her looking back and looking at him while she is in relative safety on the ladder didn't feel right. Should have saved those grenades!

I really thought umbrella guy was gonna survive but Jade was the only to make it out. Only to be immediately stopped by another Umbrella squad.

Now Jade and Billie in the past timeline were really starting to wear on me with the bad decisions. They've gotten this hacker kid to help them break through all the security layers on the network, spoken to an investigative journalist and have been attacked by a crazy strong mutated dog.  But let's forget all that and go to a party! Because if my life is going to end might as well go to a party instead of going to our dad that is a scientific genius and might be able to save us.

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