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Moon Knight: Season 1 Episode 6 Discussion

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Episode 6 was much more of a proper superhero show. I enjoyed it more than episodes 5 and 4 but there are still some plot holes and an apparent lack of world building. For one, after its revealed that Khonshu was telling the truth and that Ammit was set free, the other Egyptian avatars along with their gods should have immediately gone to free Khonshu. 

Another problem I had is that Ammit's Avatar overpowers like 6 other avatars that made no sense at all. Plus why would Ammits seal be hidden somewhere seperate from all the other gods that were sealed. There were a ton of statues on that shelf.

Also, why is Ammit and  Khonshu the only gods that are able to materialize for the big fight? Shouldn't all the others be able to materialize as well? The worldbuilding aspect was just missing and it seems like the plot  basically allows for whatever is convenient for filming at the time. There were a lot of scenes where I was scratching my head. For example there is a scene where Layla drags Osiris' avatar away. I'm like how does nobody not see her? She literally runs into the main throne room and drags him out into a hallway and starts talking in an exasperated voice. Somebody should have heard them.

So again, in the end, I personally enjoyed this episode much more than the others but the series as a whole needs to work on its worldbuilding and logical plotting to tell an effective story.

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