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Raised By Wolves Season 2 Episode 3 Discussion

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Okay so the serpent is a herbivore. In my mind, I'm thinking the serpent is a herbivore for now......🤣 It's a BABY! Of course its a herbivore. And then the way it got between Campion and Mother. I definitely think thats a sign of things to come. Could be a bit of jealousy or perhaps its something else. What if it helps fighting whatever other big creature is out there.

Marcus busting out the super strength and energy resistance was totally unexpected but in a good way. This dude is so weird now.

I'm so tired of Father getting creamed though. I've been saying for awhile that Father needs an upgrade. And it looks like his little science project is bearing fruit. Im a little worried as he hasn't really done much analysis. If he ends up transferring his consciousness it could have some side effects. If the change is permanent though I hope we keep the same actor as father. This guy has been great.

At the end Father showed everyone who's boss. Im glad father finally had a good moment even if it is superficial.

Paul going to see Marcus was inevitable, I'm interested in seeing what happens with him now since they can both hear the voice. I also want to see what happens with Campion and the girl android. Will they act like they are meeting for the first time? Will Campion get mad when he discovers that Marcus doesn't like the girl android?

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