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The Tomorrow War - Reaction and Discussion

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Yes, it has some pretty big plot holes. But those are expected whenever a movie deals with time travel. And yes, some of the decision making by the characters is questionable. But at the end of the day on a while The Tomorrow War is entertaining.

I think The Tomorrow War would have benefited more as a TV series instead of a movie. They set up some nice hooks that they weren't able to fully flesh out because they had so much going on.

I'm seeing a lot of online chatter from critics that are deriding the look of the aliens. To me they looked perfectly fine. They aren't iconic, but they serve their purpose well, they are menacing, they look mean and nasty, they are physically imposing and they show bouts of intelligence.

The ending made me roll my eyes, it's not believable that the characters would have taken the risk that they did but all in all I really enjoyed the movie.

P.S. The Tomorrow War was getting so many negative reviews online that I just had to watch it as soon as possible, I thought to myself, there is no way that this movie is that bad. And it isn't! Go check it out on Amazon Video.

What did you think of The Tomorrow War? 

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