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Bethesda's Executive Peter Hines Apologizes To PlayStation Owners For Starfield's Xbox Exclusivity

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I think its pretty interesting that Peter Hines apologizes even though it seemed like Todd Howard hinted that there may be some future developments regarding Starfield's availability.

At the end of the day although I think its pretty inconsequential, I don't think its a good look to see an executive of your first party studio apologizing for a business decision made by the parent company, even though I totally understand why he did it.

I imagine, from Xbox's perspective,  Sony executives don't apologize for not making any big first party titles available for Xbox so there should be no expectations or hard feelings when Xbox does the same. Especially when Xbox makes the game available for PC, which is something Sony has yet to fully commit to.

If I'm being completely honest I respect Sony's approach. From their perspective, they want to give gamers a real incentive to buy their console. And like it or not exclusive do exactly that. When you make exclusive available on only one platform more people will buy what they need to access that platform, rather that be a new console, or some other hardware.

The reason I think Xbox makes their games available on PC and Xbox consoles at the same time instead of making it some sort of timed exclusive is because they are no longer pursuing raw game sales. Instead they are chasing Xbox gamepass subscriptions

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