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My Hero Academia Season 5 - Episode 99

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I really wanted to see Deku unleash his full power up until this point.

Using air force and One For All's overwhelming speed and power. But it was cool to see him use his new quirk. It looks cool and its another tool in his toolbox.

Also the others on his team had an opportunity to really shine which was cool.

Monoma's copy quirk is extremely useful I loved how he used twin impact even though he was already locked inside a cage. I have a feeling he is going to be doing some extremely cool stuff at some point later on. His quirk really is a cheat code.

I also loved Deku's concern for Monoma when he saw that he was attempting to copy One For All.

I'm glad that in the end Deku's team got the win even if it wasn't as overwhelmingly awesome as Bakugos.

There were some really good moments this episode. But still so far this season there have been no truly fantastic moments like Endevaor's fight against the high end, Deku's fight against Muscular or Overhaul. I'm still waiting for those.


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