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    • This chapter was a complete blur. It was over far too quickly.

      It honestly felt like we were just treading water.

      Show me all might!

      I feel like he has some kind of Tony Stark like suit.

    • I must admit some small measure of disappointment here. While I love getting additional info about the Todoroki clan, what I was looking forward to the most was All Might vs All For One.

      There is a really awesome sense thought, that somehow Dabi is going to make it out alive and will have to atone for his crimes.

      The fact that he hasn't completely burned himself up and its revealed that he has his mother's quirk too means there is potential for a future. Character development wise he can no longer look at himself as a failure since his flames are hotter then his father's and he has become the ultimate sort of weapon that his father originally set out to create.

    • For the record can we all just appreciate Garp's ship on page 4! The figurehead of a dog with a bone is both hilarious and incredibly accurate for Garp.

      I love how Garp indicates that the incredibly destructive punch that he threw last chapter was likely one of his weaker punches. I also don't like the fact that Garp and Kuzan are fighting. It just feels wrong.

      The big reveal this chapter though is that Law got taken out by Blackbeard! Say what you want about the man but he seems incredibly powerful. And to be honest, Blackbeard didnt seem to be in terrible shape.

      So in just a few chapters we get confirmation that Kidd and Law are taken out rather easily by the big dogs. What's even more interesting is that based on Luffy's fight on egghead island, its hard to imagine that Luffy wouldn't have met the same fate.

      I don't like admitting that but lets face it, Luffy is just not where he should be right now. Rob Lucci should not be able to stand toe to toe with Luffy. If Luffy can't take him out in a few punches then he has a ton of growing to do.

      Last but not least, I'm ready to meet this much talked about man with the burn scars. It seems like he holds at least one of the Ponegliffs. And is likely pretty powerful.

      Another thing I'm looking forward to is a full and complete explanation as to why red hair shanks has not conquered the grand line. Seeing his full power on display against Kidd shows that he's at a completely different level than anyone else. Blackbeard's devil fruit won't be of any use against him he just has too much Haki. He should have taken Blackbeard down a long time ago.

    • I have to admit this does not appear to be the All For One vs All Might round 3 match up that I was expecting. IT seems painfully obvious to me that All Might should have received the Eri treatment by now. 

      Things had been set up perfectly. We see Eri restore Mirio and we see that All For One has a rewind bullet. It would have been much better if these two could go at each other at full strength one last time.

      Now all that being said. I'm very curious to see what the support class(I'm speculating here) has developed for All might. Let me be very clear, he should stand absolutely no chance against One For All in his current form.

      One For All just wiped the floor with Hawks, Tokoyami, Gigantomachia and the rest. All might should last just a few seconds. But I imagine what will happen is that All Might will distract One For All long enough for Lida and Todoroki to arrive and who knows what happens from there. But do we really expect those three to stand any chance against One For All?

      The stage is set for Deku to have a huge power up and prove why he becomes the greatest hero of all.

      I still low key feel like Deku is gonna have a hidden quirk like some type of ghost quirk or revive quirk. At this point the villians are just too strong. Twice's quirk and Dabi's quirk by themselves present massive problems. When you throw in an awakened Shigiraki and a youthful One For All, it should be too much for the current crop of heroes to overcome at their current levels.

    • While I think this manga will be pretty cool because the 4th is such a legend, I know I can't be the only one that thinks a manga centered around the First Hokage and his historic rivalry with Uchia Madara has the potential for more epic battles. 


    • So now as All For One grows younger he's getting more powerful???

      This is not how I expected him to go out. I 100% expected a rejuvenated All Might via Eri's Rewind quirk vs All For One for one final clash.

      Who knows we may still get it, but it feels like if we do it will only be a shadow of the battle we were supposed to get.

      Also as much as Deku has improved, am I the only one that feels he's still nowhere close to peak All Might?

      Watching All For One take down hero after hero and even taking out Gigantomachia lets me know prime All Might was an absolute beast.

    • If ever there was any doubt as to Garp's status is one of the most powerful characters in One Piece, chapter 1080 has put it to bed.

      Wow, his Galaxy impact seems to have completely leveled the town. The interesting thing about Garp is that in a match up with Blackbeard, Blackbeard's darkness devil fruit loses its advantage against logia. Garp could take him on with sheer Haki.

      Also its important to note that I'm not sure Luffy would stand a chance. Right now with the way that Oda is writing Luffy, he has tons of stamina but not enough sheer destructive power. 

    • It's about time Shiketsu high school showed up! They have some heavy hitters. Inasa is too cool. His quirk really should be off the charts. I can't wait to see what he does.

    • Is it just me or does it feel like Luffy and Zoro are being sidelined too much? At this point, there are very few people on their level. But when they do go head to head it almost always feels like the other person is battling them on equal ground.

      I'm ready for Luffy and Zoro to really start growing into their own and to start exerting their will a bit more. They still move like they are little fish, when actuality they are approaching the top of the food chain.

      Now after saying all that I did love that moment when the crew stops Zoro for going on the search because they know he would end up getting lost.

    • This chapter of Black Clover went by incredibly quick. Ryu came in at the very end and seemed to confirm what we've all suspected. Some part of Sister saved Asta from Lucious by making him vanish.

      It still think it was pretty cheap how Sister was able to best Asta a few chapters back. Asta's magic negation is just to hacks for him to be beaten.

      And for anyone to be able to become physically strong enough to be him seems a little far fetched at this point in the story.

    • Kuma's powers are even more advanced than we know. It seems like he has the powers to pull out memories as well as pain. That kind of power could be a big problem to the world government that is trying to keep everything a secret.

      Kuma has got to know some very interesting information.

      Bonney or somebody else is definitely going to touch that huge Kuma balloon before we leave the island.

    • Was Zoro using some kind of observation haki? Is that why he covered his eye like that? Also it looks like Kidd is reaching Elbaph before Law and Luffy. I think he will definitely come into some kind of conflict with Luffy. Will we finally get a real one on one battle with Luffy vs Kidd? Right now it seems like Law and Kidd view themselves as equal to Luffy in combat ability. At some point that has the change.

      Also, it looks like Garp is going to cause an international incident with Blackbeard. It would seem that Garp is being set up to die but surely he wouldn't be rushing off to his death. It will be nice to actually see Garp show off his combat ability. Right now he's a living legend that seems to be semi retired. I want to see him cut loose! Supposedly he was admiral level a long time ago with no devil fruit. His haki must be insane.

      I see a lot of fans equating Garp to Silvers Rayleigh. Basically saying he was a powerhouse back in the day but less so now. How true can that be? Garp is always shown as a rival to Gol D. Roger. Their power was never based on a devil fruit or seemingly incredible combat skills. The story I think has yet to confirm if a person's haki ability decreases as they age. Much of Blackbeard's strength is predicated on nullifying devil fruit abilities. For someone like Garp, I bet he can take blackbeard one on one but there will likely be some trickery involved when they fight.

    • Well I'm glad the Rob Lucci fight was short. Luffy basicallu dominated and he didn't really seem to be taking the fight all that serious. It would have been nice to see Luffy handle Lucci without transforming but we wouldn't have had a chance to get Dr. Vegapunk dropping some truth bombs on us.

      Where in the world is Zoro throughout all of this?

    • The Cat-Cat fruit model leopard! Well, I kinda don't like the fact that he's keeping up with Luffy but one has to wonder how serious Luffy is actually fighting right now.

      Lucci took out "axe boy" so obviously the seraphim are going to be the excuse for Lucci to be able to hang in a fight with Luffy.

    • I do have some interest in seeing what happens with Sad man's parade and the Toga/Ochaco clash but at the end of the day all of this just feels like more delay from what's happening with Deku and Shigi. 

    • The artwork for Blizzard and Amai in this chapter is insane. I'm so glad Saitama is starting to get some recognition. It almost feels like Amai is going to go through the Hero killer treatment. Amai certainly comes off as more of a bad guy but maybe he won't go overboard with his desire to fight Saitama.

    • Toga becoming twice and using his quirk is such a hack. At some point Deku is going to have to level up and realy show off a surprise feature of One For All that we are all currently unaware of.

      As it stands now it feels like the heroes are too spent and that they don't have enough raw firepower to win the fight or even compete for that matter.

      I'm still waiting on the surprise reveal that Eri has rewinded All Might's injuries. It would be pretty cool to see All Might face off with All For One and Deku face off with Shigiraki at the same time.

    • With Asta already fighting the top Ryuzen 7 member it feels like that we've skipped a chapter between 344 and 343.

      Maybe we are speeding things along so as not to spend so much time on a training arc. 

      My guess is Asta is gonna jump in at some point and prevent one of the Ryuzen seven from harming sister Lily.

      Sister Lily better not die!

    • Man its wild that Dr. Vegapunk wants to leave with the strawhats. It looks like we are in for a big fight with Cipher Pol. My first reaction is that surely they wouldn't challenge the Strawhat crew by themselves. but by using a pacifista they could make things interesting. Especially with the crew split into seperate groups.

      I'm looking forward to see how Zoro fights now, I feel like some type of awakening has occurred with him after Wano.

    • Okay! So now we know that all of Ohara's knowledge wasn't lost. The giants came and gathered up all the research.

      It seems highly likely we'll be going to Elbaf next.

      Dr. Vegapunk's original form is hilarious. I'm not quite sure what to make of it. And huge brain/head and a long tongue  that almost seems to serve as a tie.

      Dragon and Vegapunk encountering each other on Ohara makes sense. I'm sure Dragon likely has an extremely powerful fruit power but he is the #1 most wanted man because of his knowledge of the world and his revolutionary army.

      Also its extremely cool to discover that the Giant captain Saul is still alive. Robin will definitely be meeting up with him again.

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