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Theory: Deku Has The Quirk All For One

Herbert Playz

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If you haven't read the My Hero Academia manga and want to avoid potential spoilers, stop reading here! 😁

I think it's definitely possible that Deku has All For One's quirk but probably unlikely. Here is a pretty interesting video about the theory.

My Thoughts
Thematically I think its much more enjoyable to see the two quirks go head to head in the end. I also feel that All For One's younger brother's quirk is actually more special then its been given credit for.

The stockpiling quirk that All For One gave his younger brother seems like an enhancement quirk that gets more and more powerful over time. It enhances the body and it also enhances other quirks. Which should theoretically enhance the quirk of All For One's younger brother. Is their a scenario where Deku could could somehow have all the successors fighting with him simultaneously? Or another scenario where Deku could somehow enhance the abilities of others he chooses? I guess we'll have to see. Either way I feel like the younger brother's quirk is way more powerful than we suspect.


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