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Final Fantasy 7 Remake - My Favorite New Character That Square Added to The Game Was Roche

Herbert Playz

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Out of the new characters that Square added to Final Fantasy VII Remake, Roche was my favorite. He's Soldier third class.

This got me to thinking. In the old game, they never went too much into Soldier or really into world building in general. Since this is going to be a multipart release I think it would be pretty cool to meet other members of Soldier and to see what else Shinra has been doing around the planet.

For one organization to dominate the planet, I feel the there would be a lot of hidden facilities, military groups and complex hierarchies.

Similar to how Square expanded Midgar allowing us to really see it as it was originally imagined, I think it could be pretty cool to kind of explore Shinra a little bit more as well. There is a lot of room for creativity and an opportunity to add a lot more depth to the game.

I don't know if they'd go for it but if you sit back and think about books like A song of ice and fire(A game of thrones) by George RR Martin or Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson, those authors allow you to see all sides of a conflict and they also share the inner workings of the different power groups, along with their unique histories and internal conflicts. A multipart game is perfect for adding this kind of depth to the experience. RPGs are uniquely suited to create this type of experience since combat is secondary to the story.

Bioware has touched on this already with Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Dragon Age has a huge amount of lore attached to it and that serves it extremely well. Mass Effect doesn't have the same amount of detailed lore but it has a bigger conflict and that helps to make it feel more epic. Neither game though in my opinion has really taken the next step in terms of story experience.

I would love to see Square start the trend of just true episodic games. Just continuing the story, taking the time to give us all the details, and letting players enjoy the full experience. Don't just tell me Cloud is former Soldier. Show me other really cool Soldier members, maybe they are hunting Cloud and want to take him down, maybe some are his friends, maybe there is a secret Soldier base.(I know they expanded on this in other games but they should show it in the main game as well)

Another example would be Hojo. Don't just tell me that Hojo has done all these crazy experiments and then just show me Red XIII. Maybe there are other experiments that can talk like Red, maybe there were other experiments that escaped, while we were down in the lab. What else has Hojo been up to? Did he have any rivals? A guy like Hojo would probably be doing his own secret experiments. Expanding on areas like this, would really give RPGs that additional depth and allow them to truly take that next step.


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