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Assassin's Creed Valhalla is Actually Pretty Fun

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I will admit I'm going through the game slowly and I'm not in any particular rush to finish but the game is pretty fun. As I go through the different story arcs, I recognize that I generally care for the many different characters involved and enjoy helping them.

The standout gameplay system to me has definitely got to be the raiding. Its pretty smooth and seamless. All of your raiders seem to know what to do and seem to be pretty capable on their own. After 18 hours I'm still enjoying the combat. Before this game I've never played Assassin's Creed before, a friend of mine told me that this is the best one is a while. So I'm glad I decided to join the party at the right time.

I also love the settlement feature. They designed it so well with the look and feel it really makes me wish they did something more. Perhaps something closer to fallout where I could build up different settlements. That would have been awesome.

The only negative I'd add, at least for now, would be that the game seems to crash more than any other that I've played in a long time. In truth its only a minor inconvenience as I haven't really lost any in-game progress and after waiting for a minute or so I can just relaunch the game. I suspect that the fact that Im playing on a next gen console makes the crashing much less painful.

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