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Wonder Woman 1984 - Reaction and Discussion

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Please beware of possible spoilers below.

The first Wonder Woman movie was way better. Its funny because I was really hyped to see this movie. But when they announced the first Wonder Woman movie back in 2017 I was highly skeptical. 

Wonder Woman 1984 just doesn't have that flow to it, it feels disjointed. It felt like they spent a lot of time on Diana and too little time on Wonder Woman. A lot of the supporting actors had a lot of time to shine as well.

I'm still looking forward to the next Wonder Woman movie but they really need to get the DC universe on the right track as it just feels so unnatural for all of this stuff to happen in a vacuum.

Also for the next one I hope they develop a really interesting antagonist. Cheetah and Maxwell Lord didn't feel like worthy adversaries just tragic characters.

I feel like Gal Gadot is excellent as Wonder Woman but she just didn't have much to work with in this movie. Wonder Woman 1984 feels like a movie about Diana instead of a movie about Wonder Woman. I think most people go to see superhero movies to watch them do something amazing, to see super powers and watch them beat the bad guy. So its a problem when a lot of time is spent essentially doing nothing super.

I enjoyed seeing Chris Pine and Gal Gadot together but the time they spent together was not super enough. Its okay to have a few scenes of character development but don't give us 40 minutes plus of no wonder woman. It needs to be evened out a lot more.

What did you think of Wonder Woman 1984?

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