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Ben Affleck for a New Batman Movie if He Has Creative Control?

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This is interesting stuff. I have a friend that loves Ben Affleck as Batman. And he's ecstatic.  I don't know how they are going to handle having to actors be batman at the same time. Some people have suggested a multiverse storyline. Storywise I don't mind. I will say that Batman has never really been about science fiction. Yes, there are stories with Batman that are more sci fi oriented but that's never been what makes Batman cool.

The reason why we love Batman is because he loves Gotham. He's tough, he's dark, intense, he's the world's greatest detective and he always finds a way to get things done even without superpowers. Having a multiverse hopping Batman is not my preferred vision. While I'll watch all the same it's not what I prefer. There were no two wolverines, two supermans, or two batmans at the same time in the past. Once an actor took on the role that's who he was. While I like Ben I don't like the studio bending the natural order of things. I feel like Ben had his time to shine and he put away the cape. Robert Pattinson is The Batman now. Let's see what he does with it.


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