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Lakers Take Care of Business Against The Nuggets

Herbert Playz

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Nuggets are a great team but they still have some growing to do. The Lakers have more talent and have seasoned veterans. When you have great talent and experience you have a really good chance to win. Especially in basketball, because of the 7 game series format the better team is going to win almost every time. 

This Denver team has some really good pieces. I'm excited to see Michael Porter Jr's development along with Denver's core group of Jamal Murray, Jokic and Millsap.

The Lakers on the other hand seemed poised to win their next championship. I just don't see Boston or Miami as having enough firepower to win. Again the Lakers have so much experience and talent, I feel like it will be overwhelming. Miami or Boston would put up a good fight but it still feels too early for them. I think Skip Bayless was right, the team with the best chance to compete against the Lakers was the clippers but something fell apart.

Miami did knock out the Milkwaukee Bucks so you have to give them credit. They play hard every night and have some talented players. I like them a lot defensively against the Lakers. I guess we'll see. This year has been full of surprises.

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