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Nuggets Are Down 3-1 Again!

Herbert Playz

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Don't look now but the nuggets are down 3 - 1 again! This time to the los angeles lakers. How in the world did this happen again? What are the chances that a team would be down 3-1 in three straight series. This year has been absolutely ridiculous. But what would be even more ridiculous is if the Nuggets were able to somehow come back and actually win this thing.

I'll be the first one on record to say that is highly unlikely. But you know its been a strange year. And oddly enough if they were to comeback and beat the Lakers I wouldn't be surprised. The basketball guy in me says its too soon though. The lakes just have so much talent as well as experience. I feel like the Nuggets still have some growing to do. But who knows! Anything is possible.

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