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Is Starfield Xbox's Last Chance At Redemption?

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So there is an article up on IGN that says Starfield is Xbox's last chance at redemption. It's written by Destin Legaire. And for me I feel like this just shows how much of a huge hole there is with AAA games right now.

Xbox has plenty of games in development. Redfall was Never looked at by fans as a big AAA title. In fact, originally I wasn't totally sold on the premise. It just wasn't my sort of game.

Instead I viewed Redfall as a game that could potentially help fill in the time waiting for Starfield. Unfortunately it doesn't totally fit the bill there either.

Maybe one day Redfall will reach a level of quality where millions of players are playing it. But I don't think that will be anytime soon. But by no means should that make Starfield Xbox's last chance.

Xbox has far too many games in development. Off the top of my head I can think of 5 games that most people would love to play. And this is not a knock to say that those 5 games were far more desired than Pre-release Redfall.

I know that many critics are disappointed with Redfall especially considering Zelda's success. But Zelda is an established franchise, with established gameplay mechanics, with an established fan based built up over generations. Yes, they have added some new hooks and additional features but at its core Zelda is still Zelda.

And Zelda is one of Nintendo's heavy hitters. When you think of Nintendo you think of Mario, Zelda and pokemon among others. When you think of Xbox you don't think of Redfall as its an entirely new franchise.

All of this is extreme overreaction by the gaming media. Its definitely disappointing for fans because we would love to have a new IP to be excited about for years but Redfall is not that. And based on its setup I think its probably fair to say it was never meant to be that. It still has some time to find a niche audience but it was never meant to deliver big splash AAA gaming.


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