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Netflix Is Planning Password Sharing Crackdown Rollout in Q2 This Year

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I think this rollout will be pretty interesting. On the one hand, Netflix is targeting accounts that are sharing multiple users that are avoiding paying for the full service. 

On the other hand this move will definitely alienate a few people and will generate some negative press about the platform. One has to wonder if this will actually be good for Netflix in the long run. In the age of consumer choice when it comes to streaming one has to wonder if people will just switch to other streamers when they hear their friends bad mouthing Netflix about it being ani-consumer.

Plus, what about families with more than one house? Do you really expect them to pay twice for the service? Obviously Netflix has done their research and determined that its worth it. But those who get kicked from the service may very well migrate to another platform and take their friends with them.

I have a premium Netflix account and I've hardly watched anything recently. One thing that I'm intrigued by with Netflix is the gaming service that they are currently budling. This could add a lot of value to subscribing to the platform.

The bigger question is, will this be additional value for premium subscribers of will Netflix eventually spin it off of the main service and offer it as an additional subscription option.


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