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Starfield Gameplay Reveal Discussion

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There is a lot to like here.

  • Spaceship combat looks fun. 
  • Ship customization looks absolutely insane and we only saw the outside! Imagine all the cool things we can customize on the inside. The fact that we have different companies manufacturing parts and that we can color and personalize the outer look of the ships makes me think we are going to meet some interesting characters and ship crews on our journey. Surely we won't be the only ship in the galaxy that chooses not to have a conservative metallic grey color. 
  • Outpost/base-building looks to be extremely detailed, they definitely improved upon Fallout's settlement system, we didn't see much but I'm hoping that at some point we can establish a thriving community. One of my great disappointments regarding Fallout 4 was that we had a low settler cap. Settlement building was really cool at first but we were never able to establish a large scale community. So hopefully they've fully expanded this mechanic. The ultimate dream would be able to build a fully functioning colony, with a spaceport, tavern, bounty boards etc. I doubt that's ever been part of the design docs though. Can you imagine establishing a colony and then later randomly have it attacked by some unknown alien species? That would be wild!
  • The player background choices look interesting and seem like they will have a decent amount of influence on roleplaying opportunities in-game.
  • And finally the story is a mystery which I think gives it an edge on Fallout and Skyrim.
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