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George RR Martin: Discusses Upcoming TV Series About Dunk and Egg

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We all knew that these books would get adapted eventually, although I find the timing to be incredibly curious. The unfortunate fact is that while George has penned 3 books concerning a Dunk and Egg(the main characters on which this series is based) he is by no means finished.

His recent not a blog post hints that there will actually be quite a few more tales concerning a Dunk and Egg. So this is in essence a Game of Thrones all over again. They are starting a series in which the source material ins unfinished. It's been over 10 years since A Dance with Dragons was released and we still haven't seen The Winds of Winter and it sounds like he still has at least 4 more novellas to write likely around 6.

The good news is that the short stories are much smaller length and the stories aren't world spanning they focus on two central characters. So in theory George should be able to bang out those stories a lot quicker once he starts focusing on them but that begs the question that if they were so easy to write why haven't they released already?

I think he has been so focused on so many other projects that he honestly just hasn't had the time.

The great thing about Martin though, is the fact that whenever he does release a new story its extremely high quality. I think he must be working on some yet unrevealed layering regarding the world of a song of ice and fire. Fleshing out the histories, family trees, cities, cultures and practices of the world. That's the only thing at this point that explains why the sequels for the mainline series haven't dropped yet.

I'm a hardcore fan of a Song of Ice and Fire so the more projects I hear about the better. Bring them all on!

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