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Redfall 30 FPS Controversy - Are People Overreacting To The Announcement?

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I feel like I'm seeing some massive overreactions to this story. To my knowledge Redfall is not a competitive game its co-op. 60fps is nice but its not experience breaking especially when they are promising that they will release it eventually with a performance mode in 60 fps.

If they were to delay the game for this reason they would be delaying the game for a very small fraction of the potential player base that absolutely must have 60 fps. That's just not a good enough reason to delay.

Now the talk is going to be is Starfield 60 fps? You mean Starfield was delayed basically 1 whole year and its not 60 fps?

I honestly think this is what happens when we don't have much gaming news to talk about. As long as the game looks good, gameplay is solid, there is nothing to complain about.

This does highlight one problem for Xbox that is not brought up much. 

Xbox doesn't have any showcase games. There are currently no games that have been revealed that will be targeted to a mainstream audience that will be a performance monster. Hellblade 2 graphics are impressive but its more niche. Starfield looks like a level up form last gen but honestly its not a show stopper in terms of graphical fidelity and likely won't be a performance monster when it comes to FPS. Ditto on Halo Infinite.

I remember how I felt when I first saw screenshots of Pax Dei or when I first watched the Crimson Desert Trailer. Those games have some jaw dropping graphics. Those games make you feel like you will be getting a true next gen experience. And so far these new games, while pretty at times, just haven't delivered that awe inspiring feeling.

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