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Does Episodic Gaming Have a Future?

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For the longest time we've purchased full games. Similar to purchasing movies. You buy one game and you get the whole experience in one go.

But with the advent of game service platforms like xbox gamepass or Netflix. More and more players will be getting tons of games for just one monthly fee.

I wonder if we'll start getting episodic games similar to what Tell Tale Games has done in the past. By removing the requirement for sales, a format like that might actually be more feasible.

I loved Tell Tales Game of Thrones Game where the player had to make decisions for the player characters given a certain situation and then had to sit back and watch to see what happened next.

But episodic gaming could really be more than that. I imagine it being something much more similar to Final Fantasy 7 Remake project. You get access to the full gameplay in every part or episode but you can't move the story along until the next chapter comes out. 

I think this type of content works pretty easily for RPGs or games that have a narrow narrative focus like God of War, The Last of Us or Resident Evil.

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