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Would You Buy Final Fantasy 7 NFT Trading Cards and Can Some NFTs Be Good?

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Are NFTs really bad?

I think very few companies could actually do this successfully but Square Enix really has some diehard fans that love their characters from Final Fantasy games and I can actually see this having some small measure of success.

Although I would imagine that for NFT card collectibles to really take off it would need to be in the context of some type of virtual world were they could have a dual purpose.

For example in an MMO or virtual world, perhaps players own a house and they can display collectibles inside their virtual home. 

Another example is if the having the NFT or the right assortment of NFTs gave you access to content or secrets in other Square-Enix games. On the surface this is something that most players including myself, wouldn't care for. But I can forsee certain instances where it could be kind of cool.

I'll use an example that I've used in the past. I remember the original Dragon Age game(developed by Bioware) it had a bonus character named Shale. When I bought the game I could choose to buy it with the DLC or without it.

If you had the DLC, at a certain point in the game, you were allowed to travel to an additional area in the game. Once you cleared the area and beat the boss, you were able to add a whole new party member to your group. This character was original, fully voiced and came with their own backstory! They would be a member of your party for the rest of the game!

Now, what if, as a fan of another one of Bioware's games,  I decided to buy some physical trading cards that also gave me a digital NFT like Square is planning now. Or perhaps I acquired an NFT when I beat a past Final Fantasy game and got the right collection of trophys/achievements. Perhaps the next Square/Bioware game I play, takes a peak at my NFT collection and seems my NFTs. It than allows me to access content that is normally only available via purchase of DLC. 

But the really cool part is that players can trade/sell their NFTs! So if I trade my NFT to somebody else they would then be able to access any benefits associated to owning that NFT. Players could also wager NFTs when they have competitive multiplayer matches in other games. 

It could get very creative and very complicated very quickly but you can easily start to see some cool benefits in owning NFTs.

  • Players could get money for selling the NFT, and I'm sure that a system can be arranged for the developer to get a small percentage of a sale.
  • Developers would still get sales from DLC and would likely get sales if they attempted to sell the NFT cards straight up, although I think that would be a mistake.
  • I'm sure there are some legal issues regarding, selling NFT cards and wagering NFT cards in competitive multiplayer matches.

There is a lot to think about.


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