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UK regulator now says Microsoft Activision merger won’t significantly lessen competition in console gaming

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Well it looks like the decision making process at the CMA is winding down. They have admitted to what most fair minded observers can clearly see. That this merger will not result in a substantial lessening of competition in console gaming services.

This deal has been held up far too long, it's time to get the ball rolling, holding this deal up is what is actually hurting consumers right now, and even if this deal were to somehow eventually give Xbox some type of monopoly in the supposed "cloud gaming market" regulatory bodies should have remedies for that, if it were to occur. 

I don't know the ins and outs of the CMA but I know in the united states the government has the power to handle a monopoly in a given market if it chooses to.

My thing is lets wait and see what happens, don't regulatory agencies shouldn't be protecting any market leaders in any industry and when it comes to console gaming you could actually make the argument that both Sony and Nintendo are ahead of Microsoft at this point depending on how you decide to crunch the numbers to arrive at that decision.


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