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Should Advanced Artificial Intelligence Be Used To Develop Video Games?

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And so it begins! It has been reported that Ubisoft is using Artificial Intelligence to handle some of the repetitive writing tasks in their games.

I think that AI tools is actually a very good thing for video game publishers.  An AI tool like ChatGPT would be huge for MMO games. Being able to have NPCs respond based on an established knowledgebase of the world would be crazy, immersive and a huge treat for mmo fans.

I suspect the biggest benefit for developers would be with tools similar to midjourney. Can you imagine graphic artists and animators simply creating prompts and sit back and let the AI to do the heavy lifting? Production would skyrocket! AAA games would no longer take 4-6 years to make. We would probably start seeing 2 year dev cycles. Maybe even 1 year if the game is extremely small scale.

Character design would be incredibly diverse with unique animations. We still have a ways to go, but I'm sure many people are really starting to imagine the end game now. I also suspect that smart gaming companies are starting to do some healthy research to develop these tools now  so they can take advantage later. The first company that is able to really harness the power of AI is going have a huge advantage over others that have yet to develop similar tools.

Hopefully game development companies do right by developers in the years to come.

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