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Mass Effect Andromeda Entered A New Galaxy Only To Revisit Old Conflicts

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I for one really enjoyed Andromeda. I thought its combat was awesome. However, weakest feature was its story. People play Mass Effect for a great story in a space sci-fi setting.

Andromeda had some really cool ideas that we were never able to fully follow up on. For example the fact that the player is fused with an artificial intelligence named SAM which was created by their father.

I also loved that one one of the planets we come across an ancient AI that we can't fully trust and we actually install it in the same room as SAM. I thought that was a huge mistake. There was so much potential with that plotline.

Another great idea was allowing the players to kind of be humanity's leader in a new galaxy, exploring and establishing outposts. I just wish the the outposts had a more substantial effect on gameplay.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. In the end, though no matter how cool the inital setup may have been the story just did not hold me, and I felt myself slowly losing interest.

There was a massive amount hype for this game before release, I hope they get the next mass effect right!

If you never played Andromeda, I'd recommend any RPG fan try it out because the combat is actually pretty fun for an RPG.


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