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FIFA president says its EA Sports FC rival will be ‘the best e-game for any girl or boy’

Herbert Playz

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I'm of the opinion that this separation is not good for FIFA or EA. I don't understand how these two companies couldn't just agree to a certain percentage of revenue.

This is also a perfect example of why as a sports league that you shouldn't allow one single developer to  monopolize your IP, you lose all your leverage! FIFA is a massive brand, football/soccer is the top sport worldwide! I view this as a huge loss for EA.

I think EA will be okay in the short term because there is no competitor. But what if Xbox and Sony were smart enough to sign a licensing deal with FIFA. All of a sudden they would have a juggernaut of a brand. A must play exclusive  for millions worldwide. I think this is a colossal loss for EA.

On FiFA's end, what are they thinking? They are not a gaming developer. Games take time, they need to get a partner ASAP.

Nobody is making a lot of noise about this because I honestly suspect many hardcore gamers, at least in the US are not big FIFA players but this is a game that sold over 10 million the first week of release. I think the consequences of the dissolution of this partnership could be huge if the brand goes exclusive.


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