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Forspoken may have had a budget of over $100,000,000

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So rumors are circulating that Forspoken had a budget of over 100 million. I'm very sorry that this game underperformed for Square Enix. But I'm glad that they at least did things the right way. They created a new IP and tried out some new ideas. It failed.

Now let me ask you, what do you think would have happened if they took that rumored 100 million and instead invested that into a Remake of Final Fantasy 6, 8 or 9? Or perhaps another IP that was much more similar to Final Fantasy 7 remake than some action game? Do you think they would have still underperformed or do you think their sales would have been much improved?

To put things another way, if you had a list of 1000 people that liked green apples(Granny Smith), would you try to sell them a bag of oranges? No! You'd sell them some more green granny smith apples. You may try to sell them some red apples and you'd get some takers but I imagine the best outcome for you would be to sell your established fan exactly what they like. 

Square really needs to focus on selling their fans what they like. Look at activision blizzard we get Call of duty again and again. Madden and NBA 2k comes out year after year.

Square just needs to follow the same logic. If you want more sales make Final Fantasy a yearly release, get multiple dev teams working at the same time, on different numbered entries. I honestly believe its that simple. And I can't figure out why they still haven't adopted this approach.


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