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Halo Infinite players have made 1M creations in the Forge beta

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This is just another reminder that its usually a great idea to give players the ability to create something using in-game tools.

A snazzy Halo Infinite campaign is great but I feel like 343 industries really needs to open Halo up. I think they had the right idea by doing a more open world setting.

But for me the emphasis should be on making it an open world battlefield. A huge war that the player has to navigate, conqueror and ultimately defeat the banished or whatever the new big bad is.

If they want to go full on next gen, make it an intergalactic battle waging war on world for some really important story reason and then sending troops and reinforcements to important satellite bases in space.

All the while players should be able to build bases, form squads and platoons assign commanders give the platoons names, marines should be able to gain experience and receive upgrades. No Halo campaign would ever playout the same way.

For me Halo has always been about the gameplay, its never been about telling a cinematic story.


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