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Constellation Questions: Talking Starfield Quests with Will Shen

Herbert Playz

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I have to admit that the part about companions sounds very Dragon Age/Mass Effect to me. It seems like Bethesda may have been taking some cues from Bioware(the developer of Dragon Age and Mass Effect) which is a great thing.

I remember Todd Howard making some comments about it was a new point of emphasis to have companions respond to the actions of the players. It feels like they are really following through.

In the last two big Bethesda RPGs I always felt like companions were more like an afterthought. Bioware always seemed to really value developing companions that were unique, had an interesting background and were more than just some buddy you take along to watch your back.

I'm curious to see how much of an emphasis is placed on them in Starfield. This is a huge game with a lot going on but if they manage to really make companions feel like an important part of the game narrative that is a massive upgrade from previous games.

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