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Will Starfield usher in the advent of single player persistent universe games?

Herbert Playz

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I know I'm getting ahead of myself a bit, as there is still much about Starfield that we just don't know. But when I think about the fact that we've reached a point where we'll be able to explore an entire universe, while sailing through the galaxy on our own custom ship with our crew which I imagine that we'll hand select, building our own custom bases planetside. 

Eventually at some point some body is going to say lets just create this persistent universe where life goes on and things continue to happen even when the players logs off. It seems like we're right at that point.

Procedural generation is going to help a lot here with the creation of the world and all the different characters and moving parts. But if you think about it Starfield does seem to have all of the main elements to make this happen.

I think part of the reason some people love RPGs so much is not just the multiplayer or pvps, but in games like ashes of creation, planetside and others where players are working together to defeat another faction or complete a shared goal, things keep moving. When the player logs in again they have to catch back up.

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