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Should Xbox Start Focusing More On Releasing Smaller More Niche Games To Provide More Content To Gamepass Subscribers?

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I think it would be incredibly beneficial for Xbox to have some studios start spinning up smaller more niche titles that appeal to certain genre fans. Sega used to have a service known as Sega channel and they had games for every single genre. Games I never would have considered playing otherwise. Xbox should take advantage of gamepass and do the exact same thing.

High on life and Hi-Fi Rush are great examples of how even smaller exclusive releases via gamepass can have great success. 

Xbox could release even smaller games. For example, age of empires 4 and age of empires 2 should absolutely be on the service for console gamers. Advertise that a keyboard and mouse are needed for play, and release them side by side with the PC release. You don't have to have console controls available at launch, you can always add that later.

 I think Xbox could start up or buy a few small studios and have them focus on simulation and strategy games. I know that personally I would eat those games up. Games like Roller Coaster tycoon, theme hospital, startopia, sim city, game dev tycoon, the movies. Xbox could make modern versions of these games. Their development cycles and budgets would be much smaller than those big AAA games.


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