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The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 1 Discussion

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This first episode was great. I felt like it hit on all of the emotional bits from the original game.

That scene where Sarah's neighbor(older lady in the wheelchair) started twitching  in the blurry background while Sarah was looking through the movies was pretty cool.

I also though they nailed that opening sequence describing how fungus could be incredibly deadly.

The big moment with Joel losing Sarah was really sad, the soldier following orders to kill civilians showing no sign of infection was incredibly sad. But I knew it was coming to while I could understand the moment, I didn't quite feel the moment like some viewers who had no idea what was coming next. The infected maybe harsh and unforgiving but "rationale" ordinary people can still be much more dangerous.

There was a lot of social commentary in this episode, climate change, burn pits and they even touched on developers building smaller apartments to make room for condominiums. I'm not making a judgement for either side just an observation.

Also one really cool theory is that Sarah and Joel almost got infected before the outbreak began via flour that they narrowly avoided three times.


All in all a very solid first episode.

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