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One Piece Chapter 1071 Discussion

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Was Zoro using some kind of observation haki? Is that why he covered his eye like that? Also it looks like Kidd is reaching Elbaph before Law and Luffy. I think he will definitely come into some kind of conflict with Luffy. Will we finally get a real one on one battle with Luffy vs Kidd? Right now it seems like Law and Kidd view themselves as equal to Luffy in combat ability. At some point that has the change.

Also, it looks like Garp is going to cause an international incident with Blackbeard. It would seem that Garp is being set up to die but surely he wouldn't be rushing off to his death. It will be nice to actually see Garp show off his combat ability. Right now he's a living legend that seems to be semi retired. I want to see him cut loose! Supposedly he was admiral level a long time ago with no devil fruit. His haki must be insane.

I see a lot of fans equating Garp to Silvers Rayleigh. Basically saying he was a powerhouse back in the day but less so now. How true can that be? Garp is always shown as a rival to Gol D. Roger. Their power was never based on a devil fruit or seemingly incredible combat skills. The story I think has yet to confirm if a person's haki ability decreases as they age. Much of Blackbeard's strength is predicated on nullifying devil fruit abilities. For someone like Garp, I bet he can take blackbeard one on one but there will likely be some trickery involved when they fight.

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