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Xbox: Are you disappointed that Xbox didn't drop any big reveals for the game awards?

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As an Xbox fan it was pretty disappointing that Xbox didn't at least drop a few new trailers to keep fans hyped up about the future.

But upon further analysis, Forspoken, Final Fantasy and Death Stranding, while all Sony exclusives they are all third party releases. I think Sony had one significant first party reveal in Horizon Call of the Mountain but its for PS VR 2, VR is not exactly mainstream.

I think both console makers are strategically holding their cards close to their chests trying to strengthen their argument to the FTC on why the activision Blizzard King deal showed be allowed or blocked.

Maybe this is less of a case for Sony as they've recently released a ton of their most highly anticipated titles in the last few years. They are likely getting new titles ready to show to the public.

Whereas Microsoft has a ton of games in development that were delayed and were announced a few years ago and should at least be in a state where they can show more of the games to hype up the fan base.

Starfield and Redfall would be easy choices, but people definitely want status updates on games like Avowed, Fable, State of Decay Perfect Dark, The Outer Worlds 2, I could go on and on but I think those are the big ones that are projected to be AAA titles.

Not to mention they have a ton of titles in development  that haven't been announced yet. It seems like they have at least two AAA MMOs in development in addition to some RPGs.

So I totally understand  people's disappointment.

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