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House of The Dragon Season 1 Episode 10 Discussion

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How about that finale!

The bad news triggered the birth of Rhaneyra's baby too early! And then on top of that Lucerys is killed by Aemond! That was terrible, bullying at its most severe.  Vhagar looked like an absolute monster! The moment Lucerys saw Vhagar outside the castle gates he should have been plotting an escape route. Poor boy was all alone though.

The scene where ser Erryk brings the crown to Rhaneyra was extremely well done. I felt good vibes from that scene.

The ending where Daemon brings the bad news to Rhaneyra about Lucerys was heavy, I felt like they kind of cheated by muting it but it was still extremely effective. I would have at least preferred to hear Rhanyra say something, to have some reaction.

Alicent has unleashed the death of two of Rhanyra's children. There must be hatred in Rhaneyra's heart now. How does Otto Hightower live with himself? Aemond has guaranteed that war will happen now.

I can't wait for season 2!

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