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House of The Dragon Season 1 Episode 9 Discussion

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This episode felt a bit over long. The search for Aegon took up a lot of time and seemed a bit excessive. In my mind it just wasn't that important. They did manage to put some character development bits in there regarding Ser Chistion Cole and the twin kingsguard brothers Erryk and Arryk but overall the whole looking for Aegon segment just didn't seem that important. Maybe it served to give fans a little more action and to show off the kings landing setting.

My big takeaway from this episode is that Rhaneys is tragically fair minded. She could have put an end to the whole Dance of the dragons possibilities by turning everyone their into barbecue chicken. But she would have been killing her brothers children and I think that's something she could not stomach even though they are technically usurpers.

Still though if she goes to dragonstone from there and tells them Rhaneyra that her brother prince Aegon has usurped the throne, I had a chance to end them but didn't thats a bit of a head scratcher because its about to get incredibly tragic and bloody.

Alicent is incredibly selfish. Even if she thought King Viserys changed his mind in the middle of the knight and decided to only tell her while he's full of milk of the poppy, sweetwine and body is wracked of pain, she can't possibly assume that he thought it was okay for her to put Aegon on the throne and allow Rhaneyra and her children to be killed. No matter what Alicent thought Viserys said there should be no doubt in her mind that he would want any harm to come to Rhaneyra her children or even Daemon. She is being incredibly selfish her.  Its unbelievable, she can't be naive to think that this wouldn't eventually cause people like her father, ser christion cole, the lannisters etc to cause some type of physical harm to any "pretenders" to the throne.

Aegon is the most unfit person to be king that we've ever seen so far, save joffrey lannister. At least Cersei had a mind for ruling and at least Robert earned his through right of conquest(I'm not counting the mad king since technically we haven't seen him). 

Things are about to get spicy!

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