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Black Clover Chapter 341 Discussion

Herbert Playz

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Okay so for me the best part about this news chapter is learning that Ryuya's eye power is called tengentsu and somehow allows him to see everything that's happening at any given moment. That sounds very close to omnipotent.

This of course brings other questions. Is this a power that was inherited or learned? If this was something that was learned can it be gained through intense training and mastery of Zetten? Is there more to it then an all seeing eye? For example, can one use it to see into the past or the future? There are tons of questions here. His eye power totally overshadows the mini revelations about Zetten and how people use it differently.

My thoughts are that Asta's training is actually meant to help him increase his Zetten skills and combine it with antimagic so he can unlock a power that rivals this Tengentsu that Ryuya has.

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