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One Piece Chapter 1063 Discussion

Herbert Playz

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My favorite thing about this chapter is Luffy using futuresight not once but twice and seemingly to much greater effect than in the past!

Luffy is the first one to see pacifista Kuma and then predicts he would run before he does so. Next, when Luffy is about to punch him, he sees Bonney crying and allows her to interrupt his attack. In these cases it seems like future sight is working almost like a spidey sense for him.

I'll admit on my first read through, I didn't love that they cut away from the scene to what's going on with Law. But after having some time to think about it, I think a mini cliffhanger adds to the suspense a little bit. I think that its possible that we see Luffy use his new powers to totally negate the laser beam. Although its probably more likely that he just uses haki to block it.

The shocker to this chapter though is Law vs Blackbeard. Something tells me we won't see this fight. A part of me doesn't won't to see it. Because in my mind there is no way Oda lets Blackbeard lose. And as a huge Law fan it would be hard to watch him and his crew get wiped.

Law's fruit is extremely powerful and its been established that its viewed as highly valuable. But even though I expect Blackbeard to win, I can't imagine Blackbeard totally beating Law and taking his devil fruit. Instead what I suspect will happen is that Law's entire crew gets wiped. Blackbeard steals all his poneglyphs and somehow through the crews sacrifice Law manages to escape and eventually make his way to the strawhats, vowing some type of revenge against blackbeard.

Plus as interesting as a Law vs Blackbeard fight could be, I'm much more interested in learning more about Dr. Vegapunk and all of the mysteries that have only been hinted at in the one piece world so far. So lets not spend too much time on other stuff that is happening in the world. I think most One Piece fans really want to hear what Dr. Vegapunk has to say.

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