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The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power Season 1 Episode 8 Discussion

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Well the showrunners tried to pull a fast one on us!

I knew there was no way that meteor man could be Sauron. I will admit for a brief moment I did waver in my conviction, at the start of the episode when they all bowed to him but after thinking about it for like 5 seconds I was like naaa this is definitely Gandalf.

And of course when that happened, I said to myself I guess this means that Halbrand has to be Sauron. I like the fact that Halbrand is Sauron. At the beginning I was highly skeptical but overall I like it.

What I didn't care for in this episode was that fact that Halbrand allows Galadriel to live! I know he can't technically kill her because she's in the lord of the rings years later but still in that situation he has to know that he can't just let her live. That is a huge tactical mistake that I can't imagine Sauron making. Unfortunately I feel like that was bad plotting by the writers.

Wow watching things unfold I was thinking okay. So Galadriel is knocked out Elrond "saves" her, and she immediately questions is Elrond is actually Elrond or Sauron in disguise. And then she tells him nothing! Don't you think its important to let him know that the greatest evil on middle-earth was just here a few moments ago!

Also, if she questioned if Elrond was really Elrond shouldn't she be question if Celebrimbor is really Celebrimbor? I was honestly thinking that Sauron left to go take out Celebrimbor and finish the the creation of the rings himself. 

Sidenote, the elves overwhelming need to turn mithril into some type of object to save their people is not well explained at all. I assume with the creation of the rings the elves wielding them will be able to harness the light within mithril and can use it to eradicate the darkness on the tree. But this whole thing is just lacking details for me.

Meanwhile, Sauron sure does travel fast, somehow he ends up in the southlands almost as fast as it takes the elves to finish the three rings. My question is, how is he going to be able to bind all the rings to the one ring. And how will he be able to create the one ring? Is he going to go to the dwarves and trick them into giving him mithril?

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