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Black Summoner Season 1 Episode 3 Discussion

Herbert Playz

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Plot twist! The guildmaster has an appraising eye that is higher than Kelvin's! He immediately asks him is he from another world. Aww man I would have preferred it better had he been able to keep it a secret and was just some genius summoner.

Cashel is a noble from a militant nation that doesn't sound good, it feels like that is gonna come back to bite Kelvin. Cashel knows his secret so his status as a summoner is definitely going to become publicly knowledge eventually. Ordinarily I would say the public reveal would happen much later but things seem to be moving pretty fast in this anime so it might very well happen sometime in the next 3 episodes.

Also can we just call out the food. It looks delicious. I immediately wanted to eat some sandwiches. 

Efil is the name of the half-elf. I wonder if she's half human or half something else. Lastly, I can't wait to find out why she had a curse put on her and if her unknown parents had anything to do with it.

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