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Black Summoner Season 1 Episode 2 Discussion

Herbert Playz

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So it took just one episode for the blue slime to transform. I thought it would take a little bit longer then that for the evolution to happen. Apparently it seems to be pretty powerful. It's capable of shooting out some type of energy that looks to be pretty powerful.

One thing I didn't care for was the change of animation when Kelvin met the the ghost knight. At first it was just the ghost knight drawn like that but then when they actually started fighting the entire fight was drawn using that type of animation. Hopefully that won't be the case moving forward with the ghost knight. I prefer the original animation over that new style.

I also thought it was interesting when Kelvin was informed that since he brought back evidence that he defeated the ghost knight he's getting a special promotion. While he's walking up the stairs to speak to the head of the guild , the ghost knight mentions adding the girl at the front desk to his harem. Melfina instantly has something to say, she jumps out and says that he's her fiance. Right now its extremely light hearted but it makes you wonder if it will become a serious issue later. Again, I'm still waiting for him to encounter the half-elf again.

Lastly I enjoyed the ending song to this ep.

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