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Black Summoner Season 1 Episode 1 Discussion

Herbert Playz

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I'm getting some heavy shield hero vibes from this anime and that's not a bad thing. So far Kelvin (the main protagonist) has somehow convinced the reincarnation goddess to establish a contract with him and he has many of his stats upscaled past those of other people in the summoner class. Not only that, whenever he binds with a new monster, their stats get updated as well. This is making things really easy for him. But its only episode 1 I imagine he's gonna run into some difficulties later on.

One thing that I'm thinking of so far is that the summoner and Melfina seem to have a good relationship right now. And the current goal is for him to level up as fast as possible so he can summon Melfina and finally see what she looks like. But what happens if he somehow makes Melfina jealous by showing attention to someone else or gets distracted pursuing another quest. She might be able to really make him suffer for that. I sense potential trouble looming in the near future. It's possible that something will develop between him and the half-elf. There is no way that he lets her stay in that cage.

Also, the blue slime Clotho being his first summoning seems significant. The fact that Clotho grows by eating other slimes, introduces the possibility of some type of future evolution down the road. In fact I feel like its almost guaranteed something happens.

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