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Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier is Shutting Down: "We haven't been able to deliver the experience that we were hoping to"

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Sqaure just announced that service will be ending for this game on January 11, 2023

I understand why this game was made. A free to play mobile game based on Square's most popular franchise ever. They took a shot to see if they could bring in a ton of players via mobile. If it worked it could have been very lucrative for Square.

Now that they have decided to shut it down though it be nice to see Square start to pivot to established titles and focus on the mainline series. For example, if square is looking to make some easy money they should remake the entire classic PlayStation lineup including FF6.

So they should take FF6-FF10 and remake all of those. Each game has its own dedicated fan base and would be sure to continually hype up the game as soon as Square announces their development. And I want to be clear Square doesn't need to do a Rebirth/reimagining of any of those games. They could do something along the lines of what Naughty Dog did The Last of Us Part 1. This would allow Square to have a much smaller risk if they were concerned that it wouldn't sell.

From there if the remakes were successful(which I 100% expect) they should consider a reimagining or expansion on the original game.


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