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One Piece Chapter 1062 Discussion

Herbert Playz

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The Dr. Vegapunks are here!

So the big reveal is finally in! Dr. Vegapunk has split himself into 6 different androids that are referred to as satellites by Rob Lucci and Cipher Pol. So I'm guessing there has to be at least one secret android that has not been revealed. What kind of genuis scientist isn't prepared for the world government to attempt to make a move on him? There has to be a backup plan.

Right now I imagine that Dr. Vegapunk has something akin to immortality through machines. If you've had the pleasure of seeing Altered Carbon you'll have a good idea of what I'm talking about. Dr. Vegapunk likely has some type of system setup that downloads data from each android or "satellite" periodically so in the event that an android or "satellite" is destroyed none of the data/experience it had acquired is lost.

The burning question I have right now is if Dr. Vegapunk is still "human" or is he all completely digital at this point. In my chapter 1061 discussion I wondered if its possible if Dr. Vegapunk ate some type of devil fruit that allowed him to turn living things into androids. I named it "the bot-bot fruit" I think that's a definite possibility now considering that we just found out that he's essentially split himself into at least 6 different androids. But what if its more than that.

It seems very likely at this point that Dr. Vegapunk has a devil fruit that not only has the power to turn living things into androids/cyborgs but that fruit also has the ability to change his body and consciousness as well. If he does have a devil fruit, it definitely has awakened. This also has further implications. If Dr. Vegapunk had a way to turn his original body into an android does he live forever? Does that body always have the power of the devil fruit and is that body still have a weakness to seawater or seastone?

There are a lot of questions here. I can't wait till we get more answers. Rob Lucci seems to be on a collision course with Luffy. There is no way he should stand a chance now. I actually don't see a fight happening without Lucci resorting to some type of seastone gimmick to hang in the fight. So I actually expect a lot more talking. In fact, it seems Lucci is actually a lot more interested in getting some answers himself.

Seeing Zoro and Robin ready to act in case Vegapunk 02 tried anything was awesome. What's really interesting is that in Rob Lucci's little vegapunk infographic it seemed to hint that these androids may have inherited different parts of Vegapunk's personality and that there is a hierarchy. Punk 01 which is known as "Shaka" is good and she explicitly commands punk 02 "Lilith" who is evil to bring them to her. By the way its also curious that if its true that the numbers are actually a chain of command that Vegapunk's evil personality is ranked #2 in the pecking order.

The big question centers around punk 06. There was an obvious mistake on the Lucci's infographic. Punk 06 is referred to as "Atlas when Luffy meets her. But on the infographic Punk 06 is listed as "York" . Is this a mistake by the mangka Oda? Or is this some type of misinformation that Cipher Pol has. Either way we know the character trait is definitely false because Punk 06 is supposed to be greedy(according to the infographic). But when Luffy meets punk 06 in person, she hits him! Definitely showing the character trait of violence, although technically Luffy hit her first, thinking she was a hologram. This is something to keep an eye on as it could be important later.

One thing I liked about punk 06 were her gloves which allow her to touch light. This technology seems very dangerous to a certain admiral. Is it possible this tech was originally countermeasures in case vegapunk ever had to fend off an attack from Admiral Kizaru? I'm sure we'll find out eventually but the Strawhats definitely need to get their hands on a pair of those gloves!

Last but not least what are these "valuable things" that Dr. Vegapunk has hidden away in his lab? Why would Imu want Dr. Vegapunk taken out? Rob Lucci and co seem like far to small a force to send to take out the most powerful scientist in the world! Who's to say Vegapunk doesn't activate a custom made seraphim. Something is not adding up, this feels like a mistake by Imu and the world government there has to be a hidden agenda or some secret mission. I'm getting Pinocchio vibes from Kaku so I feel like there maybe some deception going on with him. Kaku is also the one that says to be careful with his lab because of the valuable things in it. Also Stussy kind of warns Rob Lucci to stay on mission don't go probing for answers. There is a bit of intrigue going on with this group.

One thing just came to my mind, when the strawhats faced off with punk 02, punk 01 warned her that Zoro and Robin could take her down in an instant and follows that up with "the mighty always determine the first foe they should strike down". It feels like punk 01 is low key saying that Nico Robin is more dangerous than Sanji. That was an interesting observation. That's also something to keep an eye on. 

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