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Black Clover Chapter 340 Discussion

Herbert Playz

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So Asta has formally begun training in Zetten. And he gets beaten pretty handily. I like how the author decided to portray the fight, obviously Asta can't "win" right away and their needs to be a learning curve for him to acquire more power over time and obviously he's going to slowly win over Yami's sister Ichika. But he's the hero that's supposed to be training to beat the most powerful villain ever in the manga so he can't really "lose" either.

So the solution is for Asta to use his most basic transformation form. He has 3 other forms which are more powerful. This works for me. I wish he didn't get knocked out at the end. There is something about a Shonen protagonist showing that, I won't quit attitude that I really love. I wish he could have kept that frame at the end. But he gets knocked out for laughs. 😅 I get it.

So far I'm looking forward to:

  • Character development between Asta and Ichika
  • Ryuya revealing more info behind the mysterious power in his right eye.
  • Information on Fumito I feel like he's more than he appears or at least will have a big part to play in the story moving forward.
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