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The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power Season 1 Episode 7 Discussion

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So we find out in this episode that GAladriel's husband Celebor is dead. I know hardcore fans will probably despise this detail but it doesn't upset me at all. I haven't read any additional books other than the simarillion and Lord of the rings trilogy and a piece of the hobbit. So I consider myself a decent fan but not quite as hardcore as the most hardcore Tolkien fans that have read everything.

While I can understand that the show deciding to kill off Galadriel's husband sounds like a huge twist to book fans, remember that Galadriel says that Celebor went off to war and she never saw him again. And to her that means he's dead. So he could definitely still be alive. This question regarding the fate of her husband also sets up some interesting dynamics with Halbrand. They obviously have a little something brewing between them if you know what I mean. Could it be possible that Halbrand and Galadriel fall in love and just when it looks like they will be together her husband shows up out of nowhere and says surprise I'm still alive! Halbrand then gets incredibly jealous and reveals himself to be Sauron that was trying to become good but this feels him with so much hatred he flees to Mordor, that would be interesting.

Speaking of Mordor, most of this episode felt like a complete waste. There was some decent movement in the Dwarf and Hobbit plot but the aftermath of the volcano erupting just felt like a waste of time. IT felt like we were just killing time to have something to show on screen. And how in the world did the good guys get separated? Everybody was right there in the same spot when the explosion happened. And of course we all know that Isildur is still alive. Why it doesn't occur to Elendil that the horse is running off to Isildur is beyond me.

The Harfoot's are back they have collectively decided that Meteor Man(probably Gandalf or another of his order) is a good guy after he performs a miracle of turning the desolate landscape into a incredibly fruitful one. And then they form a party to go warn him about the people that are tracking him.

All in all, I enjoyed this episode far more than most of the others. Its sad that the queen lost her vision, I'm hoping she'll get it back, but no doubt she'll face a rebellion once she gets back home. I don't know how interesting that plotline will be and I think its going to be a mistake to put that in the show but the seeds have already been sown, so we're likely going to have to wade through some political machinations that is not very much in the style of Lord of the rings. Hopefully they don't spend too much time on it but I suspect it will be given at least 5 episodes. And that Elendil's daughter is going to play a big part in getting him to change his mind about the war in middle earth so far.

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