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Official Launch Trailer | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

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The new call of duty modern warfare 2 trailer looks pretty awesome. I predict this game is going to perform much better than the last game.

Seeing how great the game looks in a firefight type of setting makes it a bit curious to me why Call of duty hasn't added an expanded multiplayer game like something similar to Planetside. As long as it takes place in a modern setting, I think fans would eat it up. Can you imagine building your own bases, working in squads, repairing structures, establishing supply lines etc. That would be really cool with modern warfare's visual aesthetics.

It would be even cooler if they added a cat and mouse style game for the multiplayer aspects. Where players have to defend a base against wave after wave of attack against a superior opponent controlled solely by the game's AI.

Oh well, one can dream. For now though, this game looks great and I believe that when it releases it will be incredibly popular.

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